Flying C Ranch & Clark's Pecan Grove

Website: cowsandpecans.com

This grower uses synthetic fertilizers and/or pesticides.

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The Flying C Ranch is a cow/calf operation where we grow farm fresh, pasture raised beef for public sale. We sell a variety of different selections of freezer beef at the Conway & Vilonia Farmer’s Markets in the Spring, Summer and Fall of each year. Our 2016 Farmer’s Market season is wrapped up, but we continue to sell beef from the farm. We will always have a sale on our ground beef: buy 5 – 1 pound packages for $20. Our pecan orchard, Clark’s Pecan Grove, is located in Mayflower, AR. We raise different varieties of pecan trees to harvest every November and December. The orchard is open to the public at the first of the pecan harvest for customers to pick on the halves until we can commercially harvest. We sell whole, cracked and shelled pecans during harvest. The prices of pecans will vary from year to year based upon the current market value and supply and demand of pecans. The 2016 Pecan Prices are as follows:

Whole Pecans – $2.50/lb
Cracked Pecans – $3.00/lb
Shelled Pecans – $8.00/lb

We can sell whole pecans on Vilonia Locally Grown but will not be able to sell cracked or shelled pecans online because is not covered by the Cottage Law. If you are interested in cracked or shelled pecans, please contact me either via email at ljclark@windstream. net or
via phone at 501-454-2667.

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