Gourmet Crumbs

Gourmet Crumbs is all about cinnamon rolls. I’m Elizabeth, lover of “real” food (the type that takes care, time, and usually sunshine and fresh air to make) and a meticulous maker of meals and baked treats for the people I love. I have a husband and toddler to feed, but I welcome the opportunity to spread the goodness to other families and new friends. For now I’m focusing on baking the best cinnamon rolls you can find. This is possible only because you people understand fresh and home-made baked means soon-perishing. My cinnamon rolls do not have a “best if eaten by” date. [Although, I would chance experimenting with freezing for reheating later on in the event of needing cinnamon rolls now. I don’t doubt they would still be amazing, if I happened to leave the icing on the side at the start. Otherwise,] Eat them while they are fresh! They will be when you order from me!

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